Cyber Observer is a Comprehensive Awareness & Management tool that delivers continuous Single Pane of Glass visibility for an organization to manage their invariable “Fog of More” portfolio of installed cybersecurity tools.


Developed for CISO’s and senior infosec & IT Managers, Cyber Observer automatically deploys to the corporate network in a matter of a few hours, connecting to the security and related 3rd party tool suite to provide & recommendations to power up cybersecurity and mitigate cyber risks.  


Cyber Observer
measures & empower cybersecurity managers with :

Best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity tools that are misconfigured, malfunctioning or simply lacking and need to be purchased to provide cybersecurity protection.

· Revealed security gaps that exist in each security domain, deliver continuous proactive recommendations to ensure closure and

· Analytics engine that continuously calculates and monitors normal network behaviour, alerting in case of deviation