Statistically, 70% of all data loss and leakage is the result of the actions of internal staff and the balance from external threats. While protecting the digital data and assets of an organisation, there is a need for technology to enable trust but does not hinder the responsible discharge of normal day to day functions.




E-safe Enables You To Easily Discover And Classify What Your Sensitive Information Looks Like, Even From Sources Like Databases, Erp And Crm Systems, Or Network Drives.



E-safe Uses Machine Learning To Continually Monitor Both User Behaviour And Data Movement To Check For Data Breaches Or Sources Of Increased Risk, Enabling You To Prevent Breaches Altogether.



E-safe Implements Multi-level Encryption To Protect Sensitive Data From Access By Unauthorised Users, Both Internal And External, While Still Allowing Staff To Work And Collaborate Productively.



E-Safe Compliance

• Enables Organisations To Monitor And Understand Its Data Leakage Risk

• Enables Organisations To Monitor And Comply With The Regulatory And Legal Requirements Concerning Sensitive Data, By Providing Tools To Audit The Usage Of Such Data

• Allows Organisations To Protect Sensitive Information Within Files Through Encryption And Rights Management

• Allows Organisations To Ensure All Digital Assets And It Resources Are Being Used In Accordance To Company Policy

• Allows Organisations To Manage Their Digital And It Assets Effectively